Beppu, which was originally written as a concept book for the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2012 "Mixed Bathing World" by Takashi Serizawa, director of P3 art and environment, is reissued with a new design by the ABI+P3 publishing label. Also in the making is an English language edition (in e-book format) that will be announced on this website as soon as it is completed. 

Positive feedback

It reminds me of the movie “Being John Malkovich.” A window to the senses. 
Kenji Minamigawa (contemporary art team mé)

Never has a book made me feel like visiting a place as much as this one. 
Kenmei Nagaoka (designer, director of D&DEPARTMENT)

About the book

This is a partially revised edition of Beppu, which was originally published as a concept book for the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2012 "Mixed Bathing World," the second of three editions of the festival that Takashi Serizawa directed between 2009 and 2015. 

Beppu is one of the greatest spa resorts in the world, with hot springs on every corner, and steam enveloping the entire town. Having directed an art festival here in 2009, Serizawa returns to Beppu in search of something, some kind of hint for the next festival under his direction. What will he take home from the various dreamy landscapes, people and events that he encounters during his walks around the hot springs? 

Takashi Serizawa has been engaged in numerous projects in Japan and abroad, that aimed to unlock the hidden possibilities in places and environments through the power of art. Interlaced with various truths and half-truths, the book traces his journey of contemplation on art and the local community, art and the environment. While walking around Beppu – which can appear light and vibrant, but also mystical and sordid – Serizawa casually recalls movie scenes, quotes from books, memories of his journeys, and episodes related to projects he has been involved in. Meanings and possibilities in the connections between art, the town and the environment, slowly and gradually take shape in the narrator’s mind, and it is this process that the book carefully illustrates. 

Takashi Serizawa, Beppu 

Language: Japanese 
Price: ¥1,600+tax 
Size: duodecimo
Number of pages: 192
Design: Shunsuke Onaka (Calamari Inc.)
Cover photograph: Toshie Kusamoto

Date of publication: November 20, 2020 
Publisher: ABI+P3 
Sales: P3 art and environment
Available from: P3 online shop (

ABI+P3 was launched by Art Bridge Institute ( and P3 art and environment as a platform for experimenting with possible future formats in the realm of cultural publication.