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Tochoji Temple is holding an exhibit and supplementary programs to explore the idea of eko at the project space of P3 art and environment for three months from July 11th 2015. In them, eko will be examined and experienced from the six aspects of relaying, tying, weaving, resonating, connecting, and continuing through contemporary art, talks, live music and workshops.
Eko is a Buddhist concept, especially within the Mahayana tradition, about transferring merit that one has accumulated to others so that they might also benefit. A cyclical worldview, the very foundation upon which Tochoji is based, permeates the exhibit and the events around it.
Tochoji has been a pioneer in exploring new roles for Buddhist temples. One example is its unique system of providing and managing graves in which it conducts regular memorial services for individuals who wish to have their own grave independent from traditional family graves or family temple base graves.
Announcement of Tochoji’s new exhibit
‘Eko – Interconnected Origins’
Duration: Open 11:00 ~ 17:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays
between July 11th (Saturday) and October 12th (Holiday Monday)
Location: P3 art and environment
(Shinjuku Gyoenmae Annex Building 1F, 4-34-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and between August 14th (Fri) and 17th (Mon)
*Open until 19:00 on Fridays and on evenings when events take place.
Admission: Free
Sponcer: Tochoji Zen Temple
Planning and Production, Contact: P3 art and environment (e-mail)
Please see below for the details.
■ July
 11(Sat)17:00 Reception *finished
 12(Sun)13:00 Talk | Succession of Memories by Cai Guo Qiang *finished
■ August
 21(Fri)13:00 workshop | Memory of Handicraft by Shigeomi Ohashi *finished
 23(Sun)18:00 musical events | Takuji Aoyagi *finished
 29(Sat)16:00 Bunyukaku Guide Tour *finished
 29(Sat)19:00 Talk | Journey of Fragrance by Sohitsu Hachiya *finished
■ September
 18(Fri)19:00 Talk | Origin of Humans by Naohiro Takanashi *finished
 26(Sat)16:00 Bunyukaku Guide Tour *finished
 27(Sun)17:00 musical events | evala *finished
■ October
 2(Fri)19:00 Talk | Memories of Wisdom by Naoki Ishikawa *The reservation acceptance was finished
 3(Sat)14:00 workshop | Memory of a Place
by Kimiko Sugiura >>>Reservation
 9(Fri)19:00 musical events | Urotsutenoyako, Reijiro Tsumura, Mitsuo Yasufuku span style=”color: #c43b1d;”>*The reservation acceptance was finished

[First Chapter: Relaying]Ingo Gunther ‘Seeing Beyond the Buddha’

Under the theme of Relaying, the artist Ingo Gunther has created a new work, Seeing Beyond the Buddha. He uses 5000 optical fibers to relay natural light collected from outside to form an image of the Buddha that fades in and out in a reflection of subtle changes in the outdoor sunlight.

□ Location: P3 art and environment
□ Admission: free

echo_profile_Ingo Gunther @2009_Elias Hassos

Ingo Gunther(Artist)

[Second Chapter: Tying]‘Eko Accelerating Device’

Under the theme of Tying, artist Daisuke Yamashiro’s visual work and traditional bamboo crafts will be exhibited.

Daisuke Yamashiro, ECHO, 2015
Triple channel video, color, sound

Shigeomi Ohashi(bamboo artist)+ Masaya Ike(bamboo artist),Bunyukaku model,2015
bamboo scale1/90

Ben Matsuno(architect), Tsutomu Mizutani(architect), Tochoji model, 2015
japanese paper(Kamisuki-Shikoushitsu Takaharu Maeda)、plywood Scale1/100

□ Location: P3 art and environment
□ Admission: free


Daisuke Yamashiro

[Chapter Three: Weaving] A Series of Talks ‘A Story of Memories’

Under the theme of ‘A Story of Memories’, four talks will be organized. The memories of guest speakers from different fields will be shared and passed on to the future.
/ moderator Takashi Serizawa

Succession of Memories by Cai Guo Qiang
July 12th (Sunday) 13:00-

Journey of Fragrance – A 500-year Tradition of the Exclusive Transmission of the Teaching from Father to a Single Son by Sohitsu Hachiya (21st generation of the Shino School of Kodo)
August 29th (Saturday) 18:00-

Origin of Humans by Naohiro Takanashi (Director of Tenpura – Astronomy Promotion Project / Specially Appointed Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo)
September 18th (Friday) 19:00-

Memories of Wisdom by Naoki Ishikawa (Photographer)
October 2nd (Friday) 19:00-

□ Location: Tochoji Rakan-do
□ Admission: free
□ 50 seats
□ Please reserve your seat in advance.
□ Language: japanese only

□ Reservation


Cai Guo Qiang


Naohiro Takanashi


Sohitsu Hachiya

echo_profile_ishikawanaoki height=

Naoki Ishikawa


Takashi Serizawa

[Chapter Four: Resonating] A Series of musical events ‘Resonating Mind, Resonating Voice’

Under the theme of ‘Resonating Mind, Resonating Voice’, three musical events will be held in Tochoji’s Main Hall. The structure of the hall is designed to resonate the sound of chanting mantras, making it a perfect space for a musical performance.

Takuji Aoyagi
August 23(Sun) open 17:30/start 18:00
September 27(Sun) open (installation version start) 15:00/start(concert start) 17:00

Urotsutenoyako( Bali Gamelan),+Reijiro Tsumura(Kanze School Noh
Performer)+Mitsuo Yasufuku(Taiko)

October 9(Fri) open 18:30/start 19:00

□ Location: Tochoji Main Hall
□ Admission: free
□ 100 seats
□ Please reserve your seat in advance.

□ Reservation


Takuji Aoyagi


(October, 2010. Photo by Kenshu Shintsubo)



Reijiro Tsumura

mitsuo yasufuku

[Chapter Five: Connecting] A Series of workshops ‘An Art of Connecting the Past and Future’

Two workshops will be held with the theme of ‘A City that Connects the Past and Future’. One will offer kids a hands-on experience in a bamboo craft that has been practiced for many years in the city of Beppu; the other will be a walk through the city and a tasting of an edible geographical model.

Memory of Handicraft
by Shigeomi Ohashi (Beppu Bamboo Craft Maker, Japanese Traditional Craftsman)
□ August 21st (Friday) 12:00 – 16:00
□ Location: Tochoji
□ Cost: 1,000 yen
□ For third grade elementary school to middle school age kids
□ 10 seats

Memory of a Place
by Kimiko Sugiura (Writer, Photographer)
□ October 3rd (Saturday) 14:00 – 17:00
□ Location: Tochoji
□ Cost: 1,000 yen
□ 15 seats

□ Reservation


Shigeomi Ohashi


Kimiko Sugiura

[Chapter Six: Continuing]Yoko Ono ‘Wish Tree’

Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree will be exhibited. The wishes that people tie to a tree will be gathered and sent to Yoko Ono’s permanent installation Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland after the exhibit. The tree itself will be planted in the garden of Bunyukaku.

□ Location: P3 art and environment
□ Admission: free


Yoko Ono

Bunyukaku Guide Tour
Bunyukaku Guide Tour
with Soto Buddhist Priest
(language:japanese only)
[First times] August 29(Sat) 16:00-
[Second times] September 26(Sat) 16:00-
□ The meeting place: P3 art and environment
□ The necessary time: 30 min
□ 10 seats
□ Reservation

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