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Scan Talk Club

Scan Talk Club was a website for enhancing the use of Scan Talk, a new form of sound media developed by the Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. P3 designed and maintained the website. Users could download music from artists and phrases in different languages for use as their own Scan Talk sound sources.

Cinema Korea 2003 in Tokyo

NPO Cinema Korea has been a cornerstone of the craze for Korean style in Japan. It presents rare original Korean films with Japanese subtitles that often aren't shown at all in Japanese theatres.
P3 served as the executive office for Cinema Korea 200, held at the Sogetsu Hall on 30 – 31 August 2003. The program featured four films: City of the Rising Sun, Our Sunny Days (1998), Wet Dreams (2002), No Comment (2002), and Addicted (2002). Guest panel discussions were held after the showings, with three film directors from Korea, Jang Jin, Park Kwang-hyun and Park Young-hoon, and Chikayo Tashiro, a leading Korean entertainment expert.Magazines and DVDs were sold at the hall and about 2500 people participated in the two-day event.

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