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Web Production


MetaTOKYO was a part of the A.T.E. (Art, Technology, and Environment) Project which has been carried out by NEC’s Corporate Design Department, the University of Tokyo’s Research into Artifacts Centre for Engineering, and P3 since 1992. metaTOKYO was planned, produced, and managed by P3 to make the internet into a tool for urban living.

532 asahi.com Production

asahi.com/532/ is a section catering to women within the Asahi Newspaper internet site. P3 designed the website and managed it.

Scan Talk Club

Scan Talk is a new form of sound media developed by the Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. P3 designed and maintained a website aimed at helping users fully utilize the media.

Web Magazine

The bilingual web magazine RealTokyo covers a wide variety of cultural events around Tokyo with quality articles. It was started by a consortium made up of the Tetsuya Ozaki Office and P3 Management with a grant from the Multimedia Contents Association of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Its content, function and design were highly evaluated. The consortium was dissolved in 2001 and RealTokyo is now managed by NPO RealCities in affiliation with the Tetsuya Ozaki Office.

Tokachi International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Demeter

P3 developed and managed the official website of the Tokachi International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Demeter which was held in Obihiro City, Hokkaido in 2002.

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