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World Processor
Ingo Gunther

26 April - 23 June 1990

Location: Tochoji Temple Auditorium P3 Alternative Museum, Tokyo

World Processor is a long-term project by German-born artist Ingo Gunther that has been underway since 1988. Using model globes of about 30cm in diameter with electric bulbs inside of them as a base material, he projects graphic information about a current issue or phenomena of the Earth onto each globe. The themes that are expressed there are extensive and varied, including environmental, political, economic and militaristic problems and conditions. Some titles of the globes are 'Ozone Depletion', 'Rain Forest Depletion', 'Earth in 80 Languages', 'TV Ownership', 'Areas Currently in Conflict', as well as more abstract ones such as 'Wittgenstein's World'. By simultaneously confronting the various faces of the Earth you better understand the nebulous, yet certain network of relationships of the Earth.

World Processor is an interface for getting a bird's-eye view of the issues, hopes and beauty that the Earth expresses at the moment.

Exhibit: 108 illuminated globes were arranged in an orderly pattern in the main gallery and the audience was able to walk freely among them. There were no titles or captions on the globes. Under the dim light of the globes, the audience would figure out what was expressed on each globe from an installation map that they were given at the entrance.

Three globes of different styles were presented in the sub gallery. One of them, entitled 'Live Globe', was an image of the moving Earth projected onto an acrylic half-sphere.

Organized by: P3 Alternative Museum, Tokyo
Cooperation: Goethe Institute Tokyo, Lufthansa, NEC


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