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Tokachi Millennium Forest

Tokachi Millennium Forest was opened in 2003 in the Tokachi Plains overlooking the Hidaka Mountains in Hokkaido, with a consideration for sustainable develoments. In the vast field of 200 hectors, including historical farm architectures and woods inhabited by Yezo deer and brown bears, the aim of the planner is to create a richer environment, providing human care, with the theme of "agriculture and food." In this area, there is a rich supply of special stones called Bakuhanseki, which gave the Satsunai-gawa the clearest water in Japan. The fresh air feels fresher than ever on this land. Artworks by Tokachi artists and Ingo Gunther's work, Small and Medium Pieces Occasionally Taking Shape, created from horse skeletons for Demeter Exhibition are permanently installed. This "horse," looking like a space dinosaur, welcomes visitors at the entrance of a small silo. To be completed in spring of 2005, Yoko Ono's Sky TV, also exhibited in Demeter, is to be permanently installed. It's going to be a unique installation, including the house and garden, using an old farmhouse and barn from the 70s .

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