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The Aleut Tribe in the Aleutian Islands make their livings by hunting sea creatures such as otters. Russian fur hunters called their small leather boats "baidarka." Aleutians row into the sea of the most severe climate on the face of the planet. The Aleut people put all their hunting gear into their kayaks and become one with the boats. George Dyson created a kayak, and found out that it has some commonality with baidarka. He recreated the Aleut kayak using contemporary materials such as fiberglass and aluminum, instead of using traditional materials like leather, driftwood, and bone. They are uniquely valuable artifacts with beauty and practical functions. George Dyson, whose father is Freeman Dyson, took a journey. The story of the father and the son is written in a book, Spaceship and Canoe. Serizawa, the director of P3, translated this book into Japanese and we have some baidarka in the P3 office. If you are interested in buying a baidarka, please contact us at joho@p3.org

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