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How to Order

●For orders from outside of Japan, please contact shop@p3.org for shipping information. In your email inquiry please note the names and product numbers of the products you wish to order.

●Press the 'Purchase' button to open a separate window for the shopping cart. The items you choose will go into the cart. When you finish shopping, select the method of payment and go to the next page to fill out the necessary information. The order will be placed when you press 'Order'.
You will receive email automatically confirming your order. Should you not receive confirmation email within 24 hours, it is likely that we did not correctly receive your email address. In this case, please place your order again.
After your order has been processed you will receive a product dispatch email within three business days.

●500 yen flat rate for shipping + handling to anywhere in Japan (tax included)
●Please add 500 yen to the total of your order.
●Method of payment: Please pay by cash or credit card upon delivery, or by postal transfer. P3 will pay the COD handling fee and bank transfer fee. If your shopping total is greater than 10,000 yen before shipping, you may only pay by COD or advance payment. Bank transfer information will be provided to customers with orders of 10,000 yen or more.

1. Cash On Delivery
By cash:
Postal COD. Please pay the total of your order in cash upon delivery.

By credit card or debit card:
Orders of 3,000 or more will be shipped by Sagawa Express e-collect. Please pay by credit card upon delivery. You can arrange to pay by installments upon delivery.

2. Postal Transfer
Payment After Delivery:
A postal transfer form will be enclosed with the delivered goods. Please transfer payment within one week.

Payment In Advance:
Orders of 10,000 yen or more (not including shipping fees) should be paid for in advance. The customer will be notified by email and given bank transfer information and the total amount to be transferred. The bank transfer fee will be covered by P3. The transfer should be completed within one week from the date that the customer receives the notice. A shipping notice will be emailed to the customer as soon as payment is deposited.

●Prices shown include consumption tax.
●Returns or exchanges: Only permitted when the goods received are defective or if the wrong products are shipped in error.
●Please direct questions about ordering to shop@p3.org Products may also be purchased at the P3 office by appointment. Please make an appointment with the net shop manager because only she can handle the shop's products.

P3 net shop manager: Shinobu Ito P3 art and environment #201 TH Samoncho Building 3F 14 Samon-cho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-3353-6866

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