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Sarajevo Survival Map

An illustrated map of Sarajevo created by FAMA, a producer group based in Sarajevo who published the Sarajevo Survival Guide. It depicts the city between 1992 to 1996 with a well-researched map showing the locations of the heavy firearms that surrounded the city. The reverse side of the map has various stories about buildings and streets during the war with a touch of unique humour.

Even ten years since the war ended, many of the destroyed buildings and town blocks depicted on the map still remain. It is an important map for people who are interested in Sarajevo or traveling there, both for use as a current city map and as a historical document to understand the changes in postwar Sarajevo.

Published July 1996
English with Japanese translation
Size: 100 cm x 70 cm
Price: 1,050 yen (1,000 yen plus tax)

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