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CineNomad is a group of filmmakers consisting of Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel. They began their collaboration as CineNomad in the late-1980s and have produced works that refer not only to cinema, but also literature, theatre and music. CineNomad's first film, 'Step Across the Border', is a documentary about the improvisational musician Fred Frith. 'Step Across the Border' was a sensation when it was released and it was chosen as one of the hundred most significant films in the history of cinema by the renowned French film magazine, Cahiers de Cinema. The two filmmakers of CineNomad travel together with musician Fred Frith and record his journey through North and South America, Europe and Japan. Words spoken by musicians from various genres, cutout scenes of towns and performances, Frith's music connecting the imagesc many layers of those elements are woven together to create a beautiful cinepoem.

Featuring: John Zone, Arto Lindsay, Iva Bitova, Eitetsu Hayashi, Haco, Jonas Mekas, Robert Frank

Release: 2003
Black and White 83 minutes NTSC
Bonus track 29 minutes
English subtitles
Price: 4,095 yen (3,900 yen plus tax)

Price: 4095 yen
Subtotal: yen
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