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Seeing Birds
Photography Work of Rika Noguchi

Seeing Birds is the first book of Rika Noguchi, a photographer whose primary method of expression has been exhibitions of her original prints. Noguchi's work consists of extremely simplified anonymous elements. A world cut out without intention using the most primal photographic methods. She uses the accumulated details of reality to construct a world in which even time and spatial patterns are reduced. Confusion is felt when you encounter one of Noguchi's photographs, maybe because it challenges the viewer to abandon their photographic experience and the context in which they view a photograph. The sensation is similar to when you find an original landscape that had receded from day-to-day seeing and perceiving. It was in the image greedy 1990s when Noguchi made her debut as an artist. Her unique quality stood out and she alone seemed to be looking for possibilities in the photography that was to come. In a time when images and realities are incessantly consumed and quickly fade away, it is not coincidental that Noguchi's specificity is attracting attention.

Rika Noguchi: Born in Omiya City, Saitaka in 1971. Actively holding exhibitions in Japan, US, Germany, France, Holland, Brazil and other countries.

Essays in the book: Michihiro Shimabukuro (art critic), Yuri Hikarida (curator, Shibuya Shoto Museum of Art), Takashi Serizawa (director, P3)

First edition published: January 2001, P3 art and environment
80 pages
Text in Japanese and English
Price: 3,990 yen (3,800 yen plus tax)

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