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This Nomadic Planet
By Takashi Serizawa

P3 director Takashi Serizawa's first book is inspired by the approaches to the world of various people, including many of the artists he has encountered through his activities with P3. The book discusses the possibilities in their thoughts and operational ideas for living effectively in this world.

'I am interested in operational things, in other words, things that can work. They can be materials, tools, or ideas. Does an idea that you can't live within mean anything?' − from the book.

People and keywords in the book:
Bruce Chatwin, Ingo Gunther, Buckminster Fuller, Spaceship Earth, Cai Guo Qiang, John Cage, Takehisa Kosugi, planetary nomad, Tangier, technology premised on migration, free radio, Sarajevo Survival Guide, survival technology, diversion, bricolage, urban agriculture, solar house.

First edition published: March 1996 253 pages Price: 2,854 yen (2,718 yen plus tax)

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