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A View from the Moon
By Takashi Serizawa

Since Apollo 11 landed on the moon about thirty-five years ago we have viewed our home planet many times from space. Fortunately or unfortunately we now have a view of Earth built into our lives and are able to see the global-scale problems that are accumulating. On the other hand, our sense of belonging diminishes together with our sense of the reality of 'being here' while we dream of somewhere else.

A View from the Moon is Serizawa's trial to connect the 'here and now' with the global, which refers, of course, to Buckminster Fuller's 'think globally act locally'. Serizawa unfolds an imaginary journey from the Moon to the 'here and now' by focusing on the relationship between us and the environment to create a conscious circuit that connects the global and local.

It is a beautiful book by contemporary art producer/regional planner Serizawa. The book was designed by artist Fumio Tachibana, who is capable of bringing out the best of paper media. The photography is by Rika Noguchi, whose photographs are filled with tranquility, while radiating an aura.

First edition published: January 1999
240 pages
Price: 1,995 yen (1,900 yen plus tax)

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