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The wind connecting the polar circles

A photo book by Naoki Ishikawa

‘Pole to Pole’ is an international project based on the concept that ‘a small step makes a difference’. Eight youths selected from seven nations around the world traveled from the north to the south pole under their own power, on skis, bicycles, etc.
I (Naoki Ishikawa) joined the project as a representative of Japan.

We departed from the north pole towards the south pole, traveling down through the Americas on skis, kayaks, bicycles and so on.
At the moment we reached the end of our long journey to the south pole, the wind of a new century blew around us.

This photo book contains my memories of the trip, recorded on film through the days of my nine-month traverse of the earth.

Naoki Ishikawa
Born in Tokyo, 1977. In the summer of 1994 when he was a second‐year high school student, he traveled to India and Nepal by himself. He completed climbs to the summits of the highest peaks of the seven continents in 2001. He is a PhD candidate at the Tokyo University of the Arts and a Special Research Fellow at the Institute for Art Anthropology at Tama Art University.

First edition published: Oct 2003, CHUOKORON-SHINSHA
Text in Japanese
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Price: 3990 yen
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