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Sarajevo Survival Guide - Japanese Edition

This is a guidebook complied by FAMA, an independent group of artists and cultural figures led by Suada Kapic that operated in Sarajevo during the siege of the city.
Sarajevo, once the host of the1984 Winter Olympics, used to be a beautiful city where churches, mosques and synagogues coexisted. Only eight years after the games Sarajevo became a symbol of the civil war that took place after the dissolution of Yugoslavia. The city was surrounded by tanks, mortars, antiaircraft machine guns, and sniper's rifles, and became a hostage threatened with total destruction.
Civilians in Sarajevo had to spend hours each day exposed to sniper fire, simply to secure drinking water. The experience and wisdom of the people living in this extreme situation was collected in a book that was put together in the style of a Michelin travel guide. While witnessing friends and family members losing their lives, the people of Sarajevo maintained not only their biological survival, but also their cultural survival by keeping radio stations, cafes, publishing and musical concerts alive throughout the war.
XXXXXXX - by Suada Kapic from the book

Japanese edition published: November 1994
Size: 26 cm x 12 cm 95 pages
Text in Japanese
Price: 1,529yen (1,456 yen plus tax)

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