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Mind and Landscape Series
In Patagonia
By Bruce Chatwin
Translated by Mariko Serizawa

Bruce Chatwin's first book In Patagonia established his fame in the literary world. It was claimed that the book was one of the most provocative writings of its day. In it Chatwin explored the nomadic nature of humans, a theme that remained important to him until his death in 1989.
The story begins from a childhood memory about a mystical skin of an ancient creature at his grandmother's house. This fragment of memory eventually takes Chatwin to Patagonia where he finds dream chasers, outlaws, fugitives, anarchists, sailors and settlers. Chatwin successfully captures a dynamic world where the line between settlers and drifters is vague.

Japanese edition published: July 1990
Price: 2,100 yen (2,000 yen plus tax)

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