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Moon Will Guide You

Jadoranka is a musician whose name means 'child of the Adriatic Sea'. The backdrop to her music is the traditional rhythm of the former Yugoslavia. She nurtured it in Sarajevo where she grew up. This area is at the crossroads of different cultures and racial groups, and rich, complex musical traditions are still alive. Ten acoustic tunes on the CD were written by her and are contemporary lullabies. Her songs embrace the sounds of the Islamic world, Southern Europe, that is, Italy on the other side of Adriatic Sea, Gypsy music, Jewish music, modern rock and pop music, and Brazilian folksongs. This album follows Baby Universe which was released at her exhibition and concert at P3 five years ago.

Participating musicians: Jadoranka (saz, vo), Natuki Kido (gu), Miroslav Tadic (gu), coba (accordion) and others
Release: November 2000, Omagatoki
Price: 2,940 yen (2,800 yen plus tax)

Price: 2940 yen
Subtotal: yen

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