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P3 Sound Installation Series
True and False
Christina Kubisch Exhibition Catalogue

Kubisch is a representative sound artist of Germany. She employs time to make the visible invisible and uses space to make the audible inaudible. In her installation 'True and False' the audience experienced light inscribing time and explored space through sounds which filled the space. You see more in less light and hear more in total silence.

The catalogue consists of 32 cards that include photos of her past works, memos and musical scores for the P3 exhibition and some photos of scenes from the exhibition.

Published: January 1993
Size: 12 cm x 16 cm
Page: 32 black & white cards with a magnifying lens
Text in Japanese, English, and German
Price: 2,100 yen (2,000 yen plus tax)

Price: 2100 yen
Subtotal: yen

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