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Takehisa Kosugi Exhibition Catalogue

akehisa Kosugi explores and expresses the relationships among objects - human bodies - space through improvisational performances employing inter-media from the early 60s.

Kosugi sees possibilities in media that become effective through the interference by invisible sources such as electromagnetic waves or wind that affect certain systems. Other possibilities are the encounters that are generated by creating interferences in visible or audible media. He has been exploring the relationship between time and space through those opportunities in inter-media.

The catalogue is a reconstruction of his exhibition at P3 with 28 cards of Kosugi's memos for the exhibition and photos of the exhibition scenes.

Published: October 1991
Size: 12 cm x 16 cm
Page: 28 black & white cards with a magnifying lens
Text in Japanese and English
Price: 2,100 yen (2,000 yen plus tax)

Price: 2100 yen
Subtotal yen

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